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Regal is a research based Chemical company focused on development, manufacturing and marketing of Flourine base bulk drug intermediates. Our products categories include Organic Fluorine Compounds (4-Fluoro Anisole, 4-Fluoro Benzylamine, 4-Fluoro Benzonitrile), Inorganic Fluorine Compounds (Ammonium Bifluoride,Potassium Fluoride) and Fluorinating Agents (Hexafluorophosphoric Acid). Ever since its establishment in 2006, Regal showed a tradition of excellence and deep sense of commitment in developing cost effective processes to offer wide range of prodcuts. We deal in process chemistry, Flourine base bulk intermediates, manufacturing, research and development and commercialization. With full-fledged marketing capabilities, the company has been able to market its products across the globe. With industry-leading portfolio of specialty chemicals and advanced materials We deliver a broad range of technology-based products and solutions to customers all over the world.

Regal's histroy and its progress

  • 2006 - Birth of Regal Remedies Pvt. Limited
  • 2007 - With huge response from investors Regal Remedies Pvt Ltd forms to Regal Remedies Ltd.
  • 2008 - Started Sales Purchase Operations from Mumbai Office
  • 2009 - Overtake of Shayona Intermediates Pvt. Ltd. (Manufacturing Company) begun
  • 2013 - Bought manufacturing plant thereby increased Manufacturing capacities
  • 2014 - Steps taken to standardize systems and processes (ISO & ERP)

Leadership Team

The Leaders help define the leadership journey and the visionary goal, and also help measure progress. We have some inspiring and interesting people leading.

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Bhavesh Savani

Director Sales & Purchase

Bhavesh heads Sales and Marketing for Regal Remedies. He is responsible for the strategy & direction of the sales operations across the company's product suite with an aim to be the largest provider in the world. Bhavesh brings over 10 years of sales and management experience.
Bhavesh holds Masters degree in Organic Chemistry
Contact: bhavesh@regalremedies.com

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Dr. Alpesh Savaliya

Director - Research & Development, Quality Control

Dr. Alpesh heads Research & Development, Quality Control department. He is responsible for bringing new products to the Production Team. With his technical skills and past experience Regal is successful in creating impact in the chemical market.
Dr. Alpesh is also Director of Shayona Intermediates Pvt. Ltd. He holds doctorate degree in Organic Chemstry
Contact: alpesh@regalremedies.com

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Hemant Patel

Director - Production

Hemant heads Production department. He is responsible for the fulfillment of the commitment made to the customers in regards to delivery time, quality and quantity. Hemant brings over 7 years of experience in Inventory and Production management.
Hemant is also Director of Shayona Intermediates Pvt. Ltd. He holds Engineering degree in Chemicals
Contact: hemant@regalremedies.com

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Mulji Diyora

Director - Finance & Statutory

Mulji heads Finance department and works to ensure that all the Statutory and regulatory requirements are met. He carries more than 25 years of experience in the industry.
Mulji is also Director of Shayona Intermediates Pvt. Ltd.
Contact: mulji@regalremedies.com

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