R&D Facilities

Regal is a company that strongly believes in the power of innovation to address the challenges and exceed the expectations of their customers. They understand that their customers' needs are constantly evolving, and they walk that extra mile to ensure that they can meet those needs effectively.

One of Regal's greatest assets is their individual employees. They recognize that every employee brings a unique set of experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives to the table. By embracing these differences, they are able to set themselves apart from other companies and foster a culture of creativity and collaboration.

Regal's commitment to innovation is also evident in their Research and Development (R&D) center. This facility conforms to international standards and is equipped with advanced equipment for both basic and applied research. The R&D team works closely with the Quality Control (QC) and Production teams to develop new processes, test them in the lab and at pilot plants, and scale them up for plant-level production. They stay involved with the manufacturing team throughout the entire product lifecycle to ensure that quality and efficiency are maintained.

Overall, Regal is a company that understands the importance of innovation and collaboration in meeting their customers' needs. By investing in their employees and their R&D capabilities, they are able to stay ahead of the curve and continue to provide high-quality products and services to their customers.

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